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Will Writing Service

Writing a Will is the only way to ensure that your estate is passed on in accordance to your wishes

Thinking about your Will and how you want your Estate to be distributed after you die can be a difficult thing to undertake, but it is a considerate and responsible approach to relieve your family of the emotional and financial burden of arranging your Estate at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Professional estate planning will safeguard your assets and provide you peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones’ future is secure. Talk to us and we’ll take care of everything.

We have access to a Will Writing firm based in the Midlands, with advisers around the country. We can help you prepare your estate, from the simplest Will to the most complex Estate, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your loved ones in the dark.

Why should I have a Will?

The only way to ensure that your assets are given to those you want to benefit is to have a Will. Intestacy laws apply if you die without a Will, and the courts will decide where your assets go.

For a variety of reasons, the vast majority of individuals put off writing a will. The truth is that you can wait until it is too late to make a Will. Having none can cause lots of issues for those left behind, including the possibility that your inheritance will go to the wrong person or to the state due to intestacy rules.

What happens if someone dies without a Will?

Here are a few things that can happen

  • their spouse will not receive anything unless they are married
  • ex-partners may be able to file a claim against the estate
  • it’s possible that children from past relationships won’t get anything
  • children under the age of 18 may be placed in foster care while the courts decide who will care for them

The benefits of our Will Writing service

The main benefit of writing a Will is the fact, that your Estate will be distributed exactly according to your wishes. Please consider our professional service. Here are some benefits:

  • you will receive free Wills guidance and phone consultations
  • you will have access to professional and helpful Wills and Estate Planning service
  • if you decide to order, you will have a bespoke, thorough Will made for you by our Will Writers
  • there is no obligation to act after receiving advice

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Will Writing service or have questions about this service. Our advisers will be happy to answer your questions and explain every detail.

Wills, Will writing, Trusts and Trust planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.